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Italian Greyhound Puppies For Sale In Kansas

Questions & Answers

Are the puppies registered?
Yes, all puppies are sold with a full AKC registration, unless they have a bad bite, one testicle, etc. Those puppies are sold with no registration or limited registration. These puppies should be spayed or neutered to insure the defect will not be passed on to the offspring.

How do I register the puppy?
We will have the sex and color of your puppy on the front of the application, but you will fill out the name. Print a unique name, using one letter per box. Skip a box between words. Your address and phone number will be filled out on the back. Make sure you sign it where it says “signature of new owner”. You ALWAYS want to make a copy of the registration before sending it in. You can also register your new puppy online with AKC.

Will the puppy have all its shots and be de-wormed?
It will be current on puppy shots and be de-wormed, but you should take the shot record to the vet to schedule a booster and rabies shot later. You will have to provide protection against heartworms if you are in an area that heartworms have been found. Ask your vet to provide you with medicine for his/her protection. Your puppy will also have the dewclaws removed. This is done as a precaution. We don’t want any of “Our Friendly Paws” to suffer from a torn dewclaw.

Can I have my puppy microchipped?
Your puppy will receive a microchip which is included in the purchase price. This is done for your puppy’s protection and peace of mind. NO EXCEPTIONS!

What do I get with my new puppy?
You will get the registration paper, copy of the pedigree on parents, shot and de-worming, sample of puppy food and health guarantee. If puppy is picked up in person or you meet me at Kansas City International Airport, you will also receive a little goody bag.

Are there any health problems?
No matter how hard you try, nobody can produce a perfect dog. The puppy is seen by the vet before you get him/her (for a health certificate, when shipped) to insure you that your puppy is in good health. If you have a congenital defect that shows up in the first year from date of birth, be sure to contact me. Please read the contract and health guarantee.

Do you do genetic health testing on your Italian Greyhounds?
Health tests and physicals are done on the adults prior to breeding, to insure that we are raising the healthiest puppies possible. This doesn’t mean that a puppy can’t have any health problems, because an adult could be normal and still be a carrier of a defect. If you do have problems, please contact us.

Why do you recommend NuVet?
We believe your puppy deserves to have the best immune system possible. NuVet Supplements are a great way to insure they are receiving the best possible immune system builder. We give the supplements to all of our dogs. The puppies begin receiving them around 6 weeks of age (when they are eating solid dry puppy food.) We highly recommend you keep them on the supplements. When your puppy is kept on NuVet Supplements, this will extend the Health Guarantee to a FULL 3 YEARS!

What if I can’t keep the puppy?
Instead of you shipping the puppy back and having me ship it again, we will try to put you and the interested party in touch with each other. If you know of someone that will give him/her a good home, you will furnish us with their address and phone number. If you prefer to ship the puppy back it will be done at the buyer’s expense and we will find a good home for him/her. No refund is given. The buyer will agree not to put the puppy in a shelter or rescue, but will find a good home for him/her or return the puppy to us.

Do you ship?
Yes, we ship out of Kansas City, MO to the nearest major airport to you. We make all the arrangements with the airlines and then let you know the day, flight number, time, etc… The puppies are sent out priority and you will have them in just a few hours.

Who pays for the shipping?
The new owner, which is $395.00 including the crate, within the 48 Continental states and $450.00 to Alaska and Canada. Outside of these locations, we will meet you at MCI airport located in Kansas City, MO with puppy and documentation in hand. We can ship two puppies together for an additional $200.

What kind of crate do you use to ship?
It is a nice plastic crate that you can get from any pet store. The crate will be airline approved and you will be able to use it for the puppy at home the help potty training.

Do you take a deposit?
The deposit is $350 non-refundable, which is applied toward the purchase price. If for some reason you can’t get the puppy, you will lose the deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS!

When is the balance for the puppy due?
Balance is due when the puppy is 6 weeks old. If the final payment isn’t made by 6 weeks of age, you will lose your deposit and the puppy will be available for adoption for another buyer. If you change your mind or can’t get the puppy, after the final payment is made, only 1/2 of the price of the puppy is refunded. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!

What form of payments do you take?
PayPal, Major Credit Card, United States Postal Money Order, or Cashier’s Check (Must clear the bank before shipping).

Will the puppy be show quality?
There’s no way we can guarantee a puppy to be show quality. The puppies are sold as pet quality only.

Do they get along with other pets?
Yes, but introduce them slowly and make sure they are supervised until they are conformable with each other. It is best to introduce them in a place that is not familiar to either animal.

Are they good with children?
Yes, a dog can be a child’s best friend, as long as the child plays with the puppy carefully and with respect. Don’t let children put the puppy on high places until it is able to jump up and down on it’s own. Be sure to show the children how to hold it correctly, by placing the paws between their fingers, so if the puppy decides to jump they can quickly close their fingers. This is good for anyone holding the puppy off the ground. If you have small children, teach them to play with the puppy on the floor and not to carry it around. Italian Greyhound puppies can easily break a leg if allowed to jump from high places. (Beds, couches, etc) We speak from experience!

Will the puppy need training?
It is always a good idea to teach basic obedience commands. (Sit, Stay, Down, Etc.) We recommend you start doing it as soon as you get him/her. You could also enroll your puppy into kindergarten classes.

What are you feeding the puppy?
We feed True Acre Grain-Free Beef & Vegetables or Chicken & Vegetables. We truly believe in the brand! Our dogs have the best coats of theirs lives now and their energy levels are amazing. If the puppy doesn’t want to eat very much for the first couple of days, don’t panic; give the puppy time to adjust. You can also try letting the food set in a little bit of water until it softens, as this always does the trick for us. If you would like to use another food, we recommend mixing 25% your food with 75% our food for the first couple of days. Gradually increase your food and reduce our food, until you are feeding 100% your food. This keeps your puppy from getting diarrhea. This can also be caused by stress when changing to his/her new home or shipping.

How much does a puppy eat and how often?
Every type of food is different. We follow the instructions on the bag of Pro Plan Puppy food. We feed our puppies what they can consume in 20 minutes or so, twice a day. The amount of food increases as they age and put on weight. You can add an afternoon feeding if you are home and capable. Just keep in mind the schedule you keep for feeding times will guide you in potty training.

What method of housebreaking do you recommend?
The most important thing is to be consistent. Your lifestyle also may be a determining factor. If you work away from home, you may choose to paper train, use pee pads, litter box or use direct outside training. It seems that the first three choices have faster results and may be a bit easier, especially if you have cold winters or it is rainy out. Most of all is patience. Use treats to praise the puppy when the puppy does a good job and praise often. Potty training is a bit more time consuming and lengthy with this breed if you live in areas of cold weather or lots of rain. Our puppies are kennel trained here in the beginning with working towards direct outside training as the goal. Here is a good alternate method. Puppy Apartment

What kind of collar and leash do you recommend?
We use a harness and leash or a Martingale collar for our dogs. These types of collars and leashes will keep your puppy safe when you go for walks or are outside of a fenced in area. With a slender neck and tapering head your puppy can easily slip out of your normal everyday collar and leash.

Is oral care really that important? What can I do to help?
Yes! This breed does have a tendency to have dry mouth. They just don’t drink enough water and this causes plaque and tartar to build up. We strongly suggest getting your new puppy comfortable with you putting your fingers in their mouth and messing with their teeth as soon as you can. Then you can move onto brushing their teeth a little at a time, until you are able to brush them with minimal objections from your puppy. Once you are brushing their teeth, you should set up a daily oral care routine. We are speaking to you from experience when we say, dental cleanings for them can become costly, especially if you get into having periodontal problems and needing to have teeth removed. We have been extremely amazed by a couple of products and highly recommend them to anyone caring for their dogs teeth. Here is the best Oral Care Kit we have used. Here is a water additive that is fantastic. If you do anything at all for oral care, please do this! Water Additive

What if I have questions after I get my puppy?
We are always just a phone call away or you can send us an email. Keep in mind when calling, we’re on Central Standard Time!


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