Why A&J’s?

Italian Greyhound Puppies For Sale In Kansas

Why should you choose an A&J’s Friendly Paws Italian Greyhound puppy, you ask?

The Boys Well let me give you a few reasons! From the moment you pick your puppy, you become part of the A&J’s family. We will be here for you throughout your new furry friend’s life. You will become part of the A&J’s extended family! We want you to be involved as much as possible when it comes to seeing your puppy grow. From the time the mommy becomes pregnant, until you have your puppy in your arms, there will be some form of update on our A&J’s Friendly Paws Facebook page. Puppies will have their picture taken at birth, 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks. I will take videos too! You will see your puppy in action at weeks 1, 3, 5 and 7. Sometimes I manage to get bonus videos or pictures, when weather and life cooperate with me!

Our puppies are raised in our home. The mommy has her whelping box right in our office. She has us at a paws distance if she needs anything. As the puppies grow, there is constant human contact, so they are extremely socialized with humans. They have our other Italian Greyhounds to play with for doggy socializing skills. The puppies will also be in contact with our cat, now this doesn’t mean the puppy won’t give chase, just that he or she will know what they are. The puppies are sight hounds after all!

Not only are you getting a well socialized puppy, but also the healthiest puppy we can get you. They are wormed once a week starting at week 2 until week 6 and then again at 8 weeks. They will receive a 5 way vaccine at 6 and 8 weeks. They will be seen by a veterinarian before taking their trip to their new forever home with you and getting their health certificate if they are flying.

All of our Italian Greyhounds have been health checked and are well cared for by our veterinarian. They see a doggie ophthalmologist yearly to make sure their eyes are healthy. They have their teeth cleaned, nails trimmed and ears checked regularly. They also take a heartworm preventative monthly. We strive to keep our babies the healthiest we possibly can.

The GirlsWe have set our standards very high when it comes to raising Italian Greyhound puppies. Our dogs are our family, period. Our dogs are with us 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They are treated as though they are a family member, not just a dog. They are spoiled rotten. They have their own closet full of shirts and jammies that I have made for them! They enjoy watching movies with us in the evenings as this is cuddle up on the couch time. It is awesome to have 6 Italian Greyhounds all asleep in your lap at once keeping you warm! There is no need for any throw blankets when you have your own Iggy blanket! They also have a big yard to run and play in. You can’t forget to work on training them as well. They need a balance in their lives to keep them happy and healthy.

We believe in referrals. If you refer someone to us and they get a puppy, we will send you $50. It’s not a lot of money. It is a thank you reward from us to you! This means a great deal to us, as it is saying we are doing something right for you to refer us to someone you know. Just make sure they let us know you referred them when they fill their application out. *Limited to one referral per puppy* If you come back to us for another puppy, we will take $50 off for you as well.

Don’t forget, you can call us if you have any questions before and after you get your puppy. We are confident you will be beyond pleased with your new furry friend!
So, let me ask you, are you ready to get your A&J’s Friendly Paws puppy?

A&J’s Friendly Paws is a breeder of Italian Greyhound Puppies and is an Italian Greyhound Breeder in Kansas. A&J’s Friendly Paws specializes in Italian Greyhound Puppies in KS. Contact A&J’s Friendly Paws for more information on our Iggy Puppies for sale in Kansas.

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